Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quilt names

Quilt names are often related to the method of constructing the block. Nine patch and log cabin are classics. Others names refer to layout such as the popular Trip Around the World and Bargello which are variations on the layout of 12 patch blocks. But have you ever heard of  Elephant Skin Blankets?
Neither had I until last night.

First to set the scene. Wayne otherwise known as DH and I were watching a show which showed a quick tour of Welsh Quilts. The quilts shown were whole cloth densely quilted in style. Turning to him I asked about the whole cloth tied quilts I remembered his mother having during our courting days.

 A similar quilt here.  follow the steps to tied quilts. scroll down to whole cloth quilt.

 Wayne described them as being "made of (cotton) flannel and filled with cotton battin' (batting). Only one piece of fabric was used not pieced and they were tied." We chatted about his using one to insulate the engine of his car in the winter. He went on to say "Grama Borton had lots of Elephant Skin Blankets."

Stop!  Wait! Whoa!!!!!  We've been married for  over 40 years and I have always quilted. I even quilted sitting on his families' couch before we were married. Never, never had I heard reference to Elephant Skin Blankets. He shrugged a little "I must have been about 3 when I named them that. They were heavy and it seemed to reason an elephant skin would be heavy like the blankets."

Now if you've done the math you can date the beginning of my quilting. I made tied pieced quilts until my first attempt at free machine quilting in the early 1990,s. The story of Elephant  Skin Blankets had never come to light and may have been lost forever but not now I will preserve this story forever. Some how some way. It's just too good to loose.

I found my whole cloth quilt. It was made as play mat for DD#1. The wadding is two layers of what my MIL would call outin' flannel.

  I didn't even stop to tie this one just enough stitching to hold all the layers together.

The reverse side is the same brushed cotton in an rusty orange. It is heavy enough to qualify for the classification Elephant Skin Blanket.

What are your quilt stories ?


Nat Palaskas said...

No I haven't heard of Elephant skin blankets. You live and learn everyday. Thanks Terry - Hugs Nat

Ulla said...

Charming story!

ria vogelzang said...

Hahaha, I almost couldn't stop laughing...!!! Elifant skin.... what a really good name to describe them!!
I remember that , in very cold winters, we had a kind of bedspread or quilt (as I would call it now...) on our beds. It was a very VERY heavy things, made of one big piece of fabric (one for the top and one for the back).
And it was stitched with all kinds of floral patterns on it....
And HEAVY....... pfffff, as a child you thought you could barely move under it.... But they were really warm!
Elefant skin....... I totally understand! It's all in the name...... ;)))
Love, Ria.
thanks to your DH I remembered the story...... :)

Rachaeldaisy said...

Isn't it great that W still has surprises up his sleeve. What a great story and what a great description of a quilt. I might just have to make one myself so I can tell people it's an Elephant Skin Blanket.

Ilham Pratama said...

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Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Great story Terry...and a wonderful description!