Saturday, October 18, 2014

wishes do come true

While I didn't exactly wish upon a star .I did find inspiration for some fiberey gifts. The tools and skill set are from my youth. The inspiration is from a FB post. Sometimes the world wide web is the answer.

The  projects require very basic fiber tools . A rummage around the garage located the potholder looms. Mine is the 2 part blue one with very close set teeth.  Knitting Nancy was watching over the looms which is a good thing because I will need to do some spool knitting as well. Nancy must have belonged to my DD's as mine was a large cotton reel which my father put 4 nails in. The potholder loom with the yellow center belongs to the daughters and the remaining one I think might be my SinL'.
The blue woven samples are done on the sunny yellow loom with double strands of wool. I'd never used yarn on the looms or woven a triangle . Never too old to learn.

O.K. so I have all the basics for one of the projects and none for another. Weaving sticks were required. Yes sticks 8" long with a hole in one end and lightly pointed at the other. A web search revealed several sets made in exotic timbers posted from all over the world with equally exotic prices. Not this little "Black Duck" dowel is cheap and a trip to the handy man store was already planned so off we went and I bought my treasures while DH wandered up and down looking for fertilizer.

I am capable but DH soon stepped up and offed his assistance. Who am I to sat NO? In the end we cut and drilled enough sticks for 2 sets of 1/4" & 2 sets of 3/8" weaving sticks. I am still sharpening the ends with a shiny new pencil sharpener and sanding before giving the weaving sticks a nice coat of wax.

One set of each size for me and one set for the GD so she too can enjoy fiber stuff (with Grama).

There has also been some stitching but it is also secret.

Enjoy whatever your up to Terry


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Those sticks sound pretty cool Terry...looking forward to what you make with them!

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a great idea for a crafty gift!! Especially as the weaving can be done together with your granddaughter.

Nat Palaskas said...

Good teamwork is what you need. I like those looms - Hugs Nat