Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Happy  Australia  Day

Now on to the serious sewing stuff.
Not that the country's nationl day isn't important. It is . In fact my daughter Heather was the only baby born at my hospital  on Australia Day 1973 who's name didn't make reference  to James Cook. Heather and family are on their way over for bday lunch as I write. SNL's birthday is tomorrow.

Ah cake and more cake yummmm


The cutting comes first. 8 quilting friends are swaping 2" strip sets.

Lots of ironing.

And stitching. I' m really enjoying making friends with my Featherweight.

A full day later.
   Because the family paused for celebrations and sleep over.  Grampa and the GC's are out to get fish and chips so I 'm cutting more strips.

I refuse to do the math I do not want to know how many 2 " squares are needed to make 8 bundles of 72 (3 square) strip sets until I finish. Right now I know the number is big........... the up side is
1. Using stash
2. Getting just as many back
3. Lots of the fabrics will be different than mine
4. Fun sharing with other quilters

All such reasons to cut, stitch, and press over and over so back to it for now. Hope your all having a good day.    Terry


Ulla said...

Your swap sounds like fun! I hope to see the results later on your blog.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Happy Birthday to Heather and SNL. Heather is a much nicer name for a girl than James. What a great swap so you all get a fun mix of fabrics! I got a Featherweight for my Christmas present. The instruction book was all stuck together so I found a new one on Ebay, I'm still yet to have a proper sew with it.

Nat Palaskas said...

A lot of fun swapping Terry. We did it in Abu Dhabi and I think mine are still in the bag! Happy Birthday to Heather and Happy Australia Day all. Are you making baby quilt? Hugs Nat