Friday, April 29, 2016

Necessary Shopping

The building of a stash is serious business.  I have been working on mine since the late 60's. The leftovers from dressmaking were saved for a quilt some day.

The large floral and the solid watermelon in the 4 patch were skirt and shirt offcuts.

The stash has grown the making of quilts from purpose bought fabrics, offcuts from 2 daughters' homemade clothing and fabric I just couldn't live without.

A quick snap of the sewing room this morning.  I have been using scraps and gifted bits and bobs for both these projects. Fun to remember where they came from .

Then there is the shopping

10 fat quarters for $10.00. Could you resist? Yes I really truly needed more neutrals. The string blocks are fun and soothing to work on.

The tumbler quilts layout is a more controlled lay out. It is a baby quilt in progress.

Weekend forcast is rain . Good sewing weather.
Enjoy your weekend

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Vireya said...

I couldn't resist fat quarters at that price. In fact I bought a few earlier in the week for $2 each, despite no needing any fabric. At $1 each I may have gone crazy!