Sunday, February 19, 2017

Finishes for February

Two quilts have been bound so far this month . They both go back a ways but that's okay because so do I. Besides being blasts from the past both had bindings had issues.


First I ran out of bobbin thread with just a final corner to complete.

Second delima was a bit trickier . As you can see not enough of the red section to join up. I had enough of the original and the addition of more fabric solved the problem.

TA ! DA ! I get a buzz out of finishing mostly because the binding is often a slow down spot in the process for me.  

The Gypsy is the newer quilt. Only working on it for 3 years. Well sort of. 

The spools in the center were started as a traveling project in 2010. Finding and making a quilt with them has only been 3 years.

The oldest quilt in line for binding dated back at least 20 years and is now happily  all stitched up and ready for use.  

More projects are waiting and this seems to be a good year to spend time with old "friends"

I plan on spending time making progress on at least 1 incomplete project this week. 

Haveagoodone Terry 


Vireya said...

Two great finishes! I like the idea of unfinished quilts being old friends.

Ulla said...

Well done, it is so satisfying to get a project really finished. For me the stop usually comes when the top is finished and I have seen what it is going to look like. Layering and quilting are two demanding steps, binding is again easier. Your quilts are beautiful, I love the spools in the middle, and the colours in the last one.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Lo,it took me 20 years to finish a quilt and now I have one that is 12 years! At least we get there! Good job Terry!