Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Some times you accomplish lots and other times it's just bits and pieces. Here are a couple bits I've done this week.
I felted my Dad's ties and this is the result. The 2 ties on the outside edges fulled but didn't loose much in size. They were labeled 100% wool. The middle ties started out the same size but more loosely woven. Very different result; felted by at least 50%.
I will include them in my new crazy wool quilt which I started while visiting Natima earlier this month. ONE

2 of 4 Dancing Dollies blocks completed. That's 50% so I guess I'll do all 4.
Other quilting included 32 blocks for the scrap fence rail project and some quilt as you go string squares for community quilts.
Lots accomplished but not a lot too show at this time.


Miss 376 said...

That's the thong with having bigger projects on the go. You go for a long time with not a lot to show, then suddenly they all come together. I can't wait to see how the dollies all turn out

Kaite said...

What a great way to utilise Dad's ties and keep the memories alive. I love your dancing dollies. Thanks for your comments on mine, and take a look at the unreadable Russian link on the blogs i'm following, she has amazing crochet dollies and toys, and only one follower. cheerio, K.

ria vogelzang said...

Good idea to felt your dad's ties!!
Lovew your Dolly's'!!
Have a great day!

Sue-Anne said...

Your ties have turned into wonderful wool! And your Dancing Dollies are so cute, you definately have to do all four borders!