Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew-in: Cotillion

My first Friday Night Sew-in project was to pickup a stalled project and see if comraderie inspired me.

And so to the story.

The roses are from my garden appropriate for a dance.

The stitching is a row of Dancing Dollies.

Roses for the Cotillion

translate Deb Ball

A completed row of dollies.

First of 4

Start of the second row of dollies and pieces.

I am hoping that by using this as my Sew-in project to get back into the quilt it is intended for.

My team was playing Friday Night Rugby League so maybe not quite as much accomplished as I hoped.

Half way

The brier patch rose garden at sunrise Saturday with a Fairy Floss pink cotton candy sky
.Well it is Friday night in Paris and the house is still settled from Friday in Sydney still in bed.

I did another set of arms. I hope to finish during the rest of the weekends' football.

Thanks to Friday Night Sew-in I am back to stitching my cotillion girls.

Happy Stitching to All



Notjustnat said...

Dancing Dollies are great. I love them and will make them for borders of some quilts. Just got back from BIL's wedding. It was fun seeing old families here in NZ again. I had been a long time - Glad you enjoy the sew-in - Hugs Nat

Kaite said...

Your little dancing dollies are delightful Terry, glad to see that blogging and e-camaraderie is working to e-ncourage you to continue with them. cheers, Kaite
ps: who's your favourite footy team?

Miss 376 said...

These girls are very pretty. Love their arms

ria vogelzang said...

Love your Dancing Dollies!!!! I have never seen them before!!
I just read Nat's comment: she had the same idea I had: to use such lovely Dollies in borders of some quilts!!Hope you enjoy the Friday-Night-Sew-In with this beautiful projekt!
Thanks for your lovely pictures of the roses. I adore roses!!
Whishing you a great weekend.

Sue-Anne said...

Love your Dancing Dollies and that is a beautiful photo of the roses at sunrise.

Anonymous said...

Your dancing dollies are lovely. Glad you found inspiration for an old project with the sew-in (and watched the footy, too).

That little box/tin you're using for your tiny bits is the sweetest thing - very nice indeed.

Love your sunrise, too. Such a nice time of the day.

Regards, Sue

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Dancing dollies look lovely and will be ideal in a quilt border...The roses are beautiful...they are just great this year!!! I missed the sew in this time...Dzintra♥x

Anonymous said...

You dancing deb dollies are very pretty as are the roses. So much fun to visit with other Friday Night Sew-In-ers and check out projects.