Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday Klosjes

At last a photo of my klosjes
10 in all
The top 4 are the ones I stitched while over the Pacific at night.
The remaining 6 are this weeks effort. The 3rd klosjes from the left in the second row might need to be turned. What do you think?Totally unexpected find in a box.
Perfect for my spools .
See they fit perfectlA long week of sorting boxex and drawers . Visiting all of you has been an enjoyable
Thank you all so very much for being out there in blogland.



Sue-Anne said...

Oh what a beautiful tin Terry! I think the spool definately needs to be turned around. Are you still in the US? I hope things are running smoothly for you.

Kaite said...

what a wonderful find Ter, that tin is purrfect. your work is looking lovely but something needs to be turned, i'm just not sure which. and i always thought that klosjes were little dutch pancakes!
see ya and i'm glad we're out here for you.
I took Mum to the open day and she loved it and talked to heaps of people. good day for her. |<.

Notjustnat said...

Beautiful tin, you know how much I love tins. The Klosjes are coming along nicely too. Look out for some enjoyable thing around you. You might find someone interesting. Might even meet some bloggers there - Hugs Nat

Valentina said...

Terry! Your Klosjes are so very beautiful! Your fabrics are delightful and your tin is perfect!
I am so happy to have you onboard this journey with us.
sending you lots of encouragement and hugs,