Sunday, April 11, 2010

Unexpected Quilt Exhibition

Happy Saturday
to All the Spool Quilters

This is a post from Reno and I as yet can not post pictures so you will all have to trust me when I tell you I made 4 spools on my trans pacific flight. No quilting since arrival 2 days ago.

The Reno Art Museum is in the last 2 days of an exhibition of Quilts of Gee's Bend. I managed 45 minutes to do a reasonable walk through. It is a utility quilt tradition that has survived and at times thrived since the Civil War.

I attempted to add a photo from the
net but my skills are not up to it. So if you want photos google gees bend quilt photos Lots of sights and interesting quilt history.

I am trying to find a pre-paid Internet USB when I'm successful I will post photos.

Happy Crafting Terry


Sue-Anne said...

Oh Terry! How lucky to see the Gees Bend Quilts!!! I am dying to see your photos! I am fascinated by the ones that I have seen pictures of and the story that is behind Gees Bend. Have a great holiday.

Notjustnat said...

Hey Terry, I'm home! Glad you arrived safely and even visited a quilt show, how lucky. You can add a link on your post to the "gees bend photo" site, same all same all - Hugs Nat

ria vogelzang said...

Good to hear you had a safe flight!
I don't even know what the Gees Bend Quilts are....... 8/ .....?!
Going to look for them on the internet......
Have a good time!

Kaite said...

hi Ter, glad to hear you've arrived safe and found a quilt exhbn already. you did well with your efforts on the flight.
went to intro day at Orange today and all looks good, great tutor and good class.
there's a pot of crab apple jelly waiting for you when you come home again. big hug, K.

Spinning Out of Control said...

The Gee's Bend quilts are absolutely beautiful!