Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Great Bag

Challenges are sometimes fun and sometimes aghhhhhh!
In a former life- earlier this decade- before the house move in 2005 I was given a goodie(?) bag of stuff as part of a challenge activity.
The bag contained an eclectic assortment of fiber related stuff. For a long time I was stumped then saw these Grandmother's Fan blocks. They were foundation pieced raw edge stitched down and the curve decorated.
A great solution for lots of bits and I started on a bag. The bag resurfaced about the time of other unfinished projects in June. But No Pattern (sigh) nothing for it but to find another pattern .
The result 5 years after starting is this fun quirky bag.
Note the dragon fly made from beads and fluro green mesh.

The back of the bag ...please note the phone pocket! A detail that drew me to choose this pattern.
Everyone has to call me at least twice so I have time to hear my mobile and then locate it.
My beautiful new bag and I took the train to Sydney to lunch with DH. The phone pocket worked. I heard and managed to answer on the first try.
I love it when a plan works.
Sorry I seem to be missing in action. Being a Grama to Cadel has resulted in trading some of MY time for US time. Last week on a trip to the local park I was titled Queen of the castle (translate playing equipment) and Cadel is now my self appointed Knight! Taaa Daaa! Queen Grama
From Queen Grama to all my wonderful dear friends Please keep blogging and visiting I need the reality check. Happy Stitching Terry


Daniƫlle said...

Love your bag!!! You have done a great job there, enjoy using it as much as you can!! And US time, so important to Cadel who, when he is a big guy, will tell everyone he and his Queen Grama took a trip to the park, the best day of his life!! Because simple pleasures are the best pleasures!! Happy sewing day, hugs, Daniƫlle

Notjustnat said...

Hey Terry, that's a great challenge bag. Remembered when you gave me bags full bits to challenge me? I still have half of your tea towel made into bag! Might blog that bag soon. Sight :( past life in Bathurst together (sad face here). Enjoy Sunday afternoon Queen Gramma - Hugs Nat

Sandra Henderson said...

Ooohhhh... LOVE your bag! How incredibly artistic and functional. You'll be stopped constantly with compliments... :)

kaite said...

hi Queenie, a little bit of stitchin and bloggin will keep you sane - how many days is it now? Your bag looks unique, love the phone pocket idea...kaite

Miss 376 said...

What a lovely bag, and I love the phone pocket.

Anonymous said...


Nothing can ever replace the time with your grand child. You will always be a queen in their hearts. Love the bag! It seems many of us are completing old projects. Don't worry, it's not how many things we complete, it's the journey! have fun, being Queen Grama is...the most important job in the world!


ria vogelzang said...

Just love your bag!! And believe me...I know: being a grandma is SO MUCH FUN!!!!! :)))
Enjoy your time, whatever you do!!
Love, Ria.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Queen Grama from another Queen over here LOL!!! I totally agree with you about the bag with a pocket for the phone...I often miss the first call too!!! Have fun...Dzintra♥x