Saturday, November 6, 2010

Flowers for All

Roses for all my dear friends.

It's raining and not much happening so I'm sending you all a bunch of roses to enjoy.

Have a great weekend what ever you have planned. My GD Awen and I are going to start making Christmas Presents. Handing down the traditions of my childhood to the next generation.

My best wishes to you all Dear Friends Terry


kaite said...

thanks for the lovely roses Ter, i'll have to go find a nice crystal vase for them. windy and cold here, it's Winter again...k.

ria vogelzang said...

Thanks for those gorgeous roses!! I just love roses! We have several of them in the garden...!
Love to you as well and thanks so much for your getwell whishes! ;)) Enjoy your weekend!
Big hugs, Ria.

Valentina said...

Ooooooh these are gorgeous! Thank you!