Monday, November 21, 2011

A Fuzzy Blankie for Basics

A fuzzy Blankie or what to do on a 36-C day in Sydney.
Stitch a blankie for Basics

Yup yesterday was a hot day with wind to match. The sort you hope there are no fires and stay inside.

I retired to the sewing room with fan ,ice water and a pile of squares.

I was gifted enough flannel sometime earlier this year for a blankie (read small loved quilt).

The quantity was clearly intended for a rag quilt. It's a technique I hadn't tried before and decided the Basics Quilt drive would make a great home for one. It's 10-C and temperatures are dropping for winter there.

Started stitching at 11am and finished at 5pm with stops for lunch and the exciting parts of the Presidents Cup. (golf a DH thing).

I clipped the edges during two episodes of Big Bang followed by The Closer.  Yeah all older episodes on fox but it gives you an idea of how long it took. 
Stitching and clipping time I figure 5-6hrs. I think that's well spent time learning a new technique and having a gift of warmth and love for someone.

The Basics Blankie is in the washing machine fluffing up. Finished result photo before being posted to the Big Apple.

There's time left to support the quilt drive. My first quilt only took 10 days to arrive in N.Y. form Sydney. Check out the details here.

 Off to hang up the washing (giggle).  Have a great week  Terry 


kaiteM said...

that's a good thing you're doing Ter, at those temps it will be well appreciated.
we didn't have a day as hot as yours yesterday, ours was only 27 but the wind was nasty until it changed and then the rain came down.

Miss 376 said...

A good day's work, and I am sure it will be well loved

Sue-Anne said...

The quilt looks great and Im sure the recipient will love it. Those rag quilts are so nice to snuggle up in.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I've always wanted to have a go at a rag quilt. Yours looks so soft and beautiful! It'll be loved for sure!!

Notjustnat said...

Good on you Terry. Machine piecing is good for a hot day stitching. Lucky someone will enjoy that quilt - Hugs Nat

Nanette said...

Love your little shaggy blankie, Terry, nothing like a sewing for a good cause. The colours are soft and lovely.
Hope it's a bit cooler for you today?