Monday, July 23, 2012

Deck Chairs

No cruising or sitting under the awnings going on here. It's winter that is what passes for winter in Sydney.

The name comes from a set of blocks donated to community quilters. No one else seemed to have taken up the challenge so I brought home this set of very graphic blocks to experiment with and see what happened.

Two styles make up the set  whirligigs and bulls eyes. now you can appreciate the deck chair title. The bulls eye blocks were just toooo strong all together so I'm going with the wirlly gigs together.

Awen helped me layout the finale arrangement for the blocks.

The blocks stitched and a hunt through the boxes I found some green and white printed batik for a border and the bulls eyes as half blocks for the second border. I will need to reverse sew the bulls eyes but that will give me an evening job.

The boys were sorting a more primary colored set of pieces while Awen and I were working on the quilt.

Love having a busy house. Enjoy your week Terry


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Looks like everybody's got something to do!!! Have fun putting that quilt together girls!

kaiteM said...

I think i'd be sitting with the boys, the eye dazzlers are too dazzly for me.

Miss 376 said...

You rose to the challenge well, like what you've done with those blocks

Notjustnat said...

Great challenge with those blocks. Yes a full house is fun, but I need a holiday after the weekend with GC and only 5 days to go...