Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Question Answered

I'll answer the question in a minute but first let me set the scene for the question!!

Friday morning I braved the unpleasant weather and the M7,M2 etc to visit the Hunters Hill Quilt Show. It is a lovely show in a vintage Town HallMaterial Obsession was set up in half the foyor and I met Kathy Doughty for the first time. We swapped quick histories and she asked me the question .

What Kind of Quilter are You? Modern?
I was gob smacked when I realised I didn't know. I'm not a Traditional Quilter who uses only period fabric. Shucks I used leftover dressmaking fabric and the yardage my Dad brought when my parents came to visit.

                                                     made in 1970's for Mom and Dad.

My quilts of the late 80's early 90's were still made using fabric culled from any source and in truth retained the scrappy no white color pallet.

The phase that followed was baby quilts galore.

                                                               Cadel's quilt 2007

During this decade I learned new skills as well. Needle turn applique, English paper piecing and hand stitching.

my version of Karen Cunningham's adaptation of Maria Hank's Quilt. Maria was Able Linclon's sister in law.


                                                       15 min play work in progress

Answer to the question I am a FUSION QUILTER yes I am a bit of whatever comes my way or tickles my fancy at the time. I quilt because it gives me pleasure. I adapt and use whatever fabric and pattern finds it's way to me.
I don't know if there are other FUSION QUILTERS out there but I like the title it connects me to quilters past and present and maybe even future.

Thanks to Everyone for helping me find my space as Fusion Quilter Terry


Vireya said...

Thanks for asking and answering the question!

I've never had to think about it before, but I guess there must be a bit of the fusion quilter in me, too. I like to do a bit of everything, and do it in my own way. Now if anyone asks, I'll know what to say!

Miss 376 said...

It's a question that would have stumped me, lol. Fusion Quilter sounds wonderful

Rachaeldaisy said...

How wonderful to see some of your older quilts!! I'm not comfortable being either traditional or modern either so I think Fusion Quilter suits me too!! It was great to catch up with you at the show!

Nanette said...

Yeh, I like the idea of being a Fusion quilter, I'm not committed to one particular genre or way to do things. Loved seeing your journey of quilting.

Nat Palaskas said...
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Nat Palaskas said...

Good thing no one had asked me that question before. I would say, I'm a quilter outside of 1/4 inch. I can be a Fusion Quilter too I guess!