Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quilt Mystery


I am going to share the  history of this quilt

The story so far is detailed in the previous posts or I brought home a set of orphaned blocks from Community Quilts and  assembled this top.

Tuesday was CQ day so I took the top along to hand over to Dorthy who is quilting for us at the moment. Upon seeing the top she asked "did you get those out of the cupboard" ? A little unsure I answered "well yes they were just sitting there" Those blocks are Freida's. Now I was not sure what Freida was going to say.

I should not have worried. I quickly produced the top to show her before anyone else could dub me in. She just laughed "Oh those old things? we made them in a stack and whack lesson and they were so heavy I just threw them in the cupboard." She had a nice smile as she held the top. "It's so much softer (light) with the borders breaking up the blocks adding drape."

So now we know who made the blocks and who assembled a quilt top. We will also know who quilted it in a few weeks when it is completed and given away to comfort someone.

I'm having a good week hope you are too.  Terry


kaiteM said...

Many hands involved, good team work.

Miss 376 said...

How lovely to be able to solve the mystery of who made them in the beginning

Nat Palaskas said...

Well done Terry. A nice story to tell about the quilt. It looks fantastic now. It will make someone very happy and warm.


Rachaeldaisy said...

How good is that!! Mystery solved. It's really is a wonderful quilt!!

Terri said...

Every quilt has a story, and this is a goody. A community of love to share with someone in need! Wonderful. Thanks for sharing... double entendre intended.