Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vintage Australiana

First up I finished my first quilt for AHQ

The laundry bag has the serviceman's initials but I'm not giving away secrets.

posted Tuesday morning  Big Smile!!

I was given the Blinky Bill tea towel and I had the vintage Jenny Kee sheet fabric.

added some 2 1/2" strips and a very Australiana quilt is taking shape.

framed the map of Australia with blue to keep the image clear. the strips were stitched together using the chip quilt process

Vintage Australiana

look in the upper right corner and you can tell where I spent the afternoon. I finished pinning and cooked a nice dinner for DH and I. 

The intensive quilt making for Aussie Hero Quilts is to make the December 1st closing date for Christmas Mail.

I'm enjoying the playing about with big blocks of color .  Always fun to try something new.  Terry 


Nat Palaskas said...

Well done for finished the first of AHQ, I love that one. The second one is looking great too, I can imagine the receiver would be thrilled to get it. I think that what I will be doing when I retired - have a good week - hugs Nat

Military Challenge Coins said...

Congratulations on finishing and best pf luck for next.

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a fun fabulous Australiana Quilt. I like the strips mixed with bold blocks of colour. I had a Jenny Kee doona cover when I was young, I wonder what happened to it.

Nanette said...

Oh so nice Terry, you are so very creative. That will be a well-loved quilt

subrota said...

I see the all comment and all picture.very nice picture.i like it.thanks.

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