Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time Flys

When your having fun:

I sure spent a lot of time with my sewing machine last week so I guess . No I know I had fun.
The weather was wet, wet, and wet so settled in and stitched.

First the little girl's quilt is ready for binding

I enjoyed making this quilt. The colors are much lighter than I usually use but not insipid. I have come to realise that lights/whites are stronger now than they were in my early years of quilting.  Close ups when the binding is done.

Next on the list a return to a 15min play  Color Challenge

The self imposed rules for choosing fabrics are still in play but the results are very different
1. The outer row starts with a made fabric triangle between two fabrics from the same color family.
2. The inner octagon is a floral alternated with a solid.

The results are very different and I'm learning a lot about value and scale. I guess that's what play is for.

Continuation of Scrappy

Four more blocks this week. I dug around in the novelty scraps and the addition of more medium to lights seems to be pleasing.

The Scrappy quilt is going to be a slow growing project. I am now happy with the addition of the new fabrics. A much happier quilt. It is now off the design wall until I'm ready to think about the final lay out . Way way off in the future.

Speaking of flying I have a shopping date with DD#2 so I must scoot . Trains don't wait for late comers.
Have a great week  Terry


Jane Galley said...

Oh, I love the octagons, very effective

Rachaeldaisy said...

Time does fly when you're having fun and it certainly looks like you've been having fun with all those wonderful projects happening over there. I love your 15 minutes octogons, it's interesting hearing the self imposed rules. Your scrappy blocks are fabulous and fun, a fabric party. Hope you had fun shopping!

Nat Palaskas said...

Great blocks and colourful. Enjoy your week - Hugs Nat

electricdunce said...

The little girl's quilt is sweet, she will love it, and those big diamond blocks are lovely true. I started a STAW because I was so impressed with yours. i think mine will be potholders, they just don't trip.