Friday, March 15, 2013

New Tricks

I think it's wonderful the way quilters share. EVERYTHING. Well important stuff like fabric ,patterns, techniques and new tools.  That's us right?

Topic being discussed was marking a quilt for quilting. Do or don't you mark for machine quilting? I don't just "wing it" so when a tool by Clover was mentioned I stored the info. in the bottom drawer of my brain for future reference.

I have been trying to finish at least one of the quilts I started over at 15min play. Victoria is coming to Sydney to teach and I am joining in the fun. The quilt closest to finishing is the block of the month started almost 2yrs ago. Old posts here and here.

The blocks were set on point and the edge filled in with cheddar triangles.

The white stick is called a"Hera" marker by Clover. The marker is sturdy plastic and a bit  like a bone folder if your a book maker. I used my 6" sq. ruler and scored the solid cheddar with a continuous triangle.

I used a heavy hand quilting thread on top for texture and stitched along (or next to) the marked lines. GREAT I achieved a geometric shape.  Now just to sew in ends and bind and LABEL!

Haveagoodweekend.  Terry


Nat Palaskas said...

I have one of them too, but I haven't quilted for a loooooooong time! Enjoy the workshop with Victoria - Hugs Nat

ria vogelzang said...

I also have a Hera Marker, and never used it...... ;)
But this looks so great; it will be a good way to mark my quilt!
Do you stitch on the back or on the right side then......?
Love, Ria.