Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Traditional Christmas

Christmas this year has a very traditional feel at our house.

That being said the tree is Victorian in style with toys and garlands in abundance. The red and green colours are reminiscent of the northern part of America where both Wayne and I grew up. The vintage quilts are from his family.

A lot of these decorations are hand made and tell the story of our family over the last 42 years in Australia. Our very first Christmas I was determined to have a real tree. I carried it home from the green grocers'. I was so proud. Only to be reminded of cultural differences when the 4yr old next door asked his Mum " if we were poor?" She asked him why he thought that and he responded
 " because they had to have a real tree."    


We have changed and adjusted to Christmas in the summer. The blend of traditional and new is what enlivens my spirit.
Merry Christmas to All. 
From my home to yours.  Enjoy the season   Terry 


ria vogelzang said...

Thank you, Terry! Hope your Christmass will be full of warmth, love and family!
We celebrate Christmas also with warm thoughts of my father, who passed away almost two weeks ago now....a week before my Birthday.
Our family is adjusting...... needing eachother... and that is also a good thing...
Love to you, my friend, from a cold an windy Netherlands,

Rachaeldaisy said...

You made me laugh with you story about the little boy next door. I haven't had a real tree for years but just thinking about it brings back memories of that lovely pine smell that fills the house. I enjoyed spotting all your quilts in the photos, and the one under the little Christmas tree look fabulous. Have a wonderful family day of festive fun!!