Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kitchen Sink

The term "kitchen sink" in quilting has come to indicate a quilt of unmatched or left over blocks.

This post falls into the unmatched category.

Fist the kitchen sink; literally.  I arrived home from my first big post-op outing to these bucket full of roses from DH.  The outing was quilting Christmas Lunch. After all a girl needs to get her priorities right.

One bunch of the roses were traditional Red Roses. I set them next to the GC's Santa photo and a favourite red candle stick. The photo was taken 6 years ago . There are no babies in the family at present.

The mixed bunch add colour to the room. The lavender roses are very fragrant. 

Second unmatched bit of information is. I have made a decision about the signature blocks.
Medallion Quilts have found a place in my quilting influences this year.
An inspiring lecture by Gwen Marston which emphasised having an open mind to your work as a quilter. 

Beautiful quilts from the V&A exhibition which I was fortunate to see  in Queensland earlier this year.

Both these books are wonderful resources for Medallion quilts old and new.

   The last item from the kitchen sink is a reveal. Drum Roll... or at least a Ta Da.
My secret sewing for the annual Christmas Party.
This is a group I meet and stitch, chat, and well what ever several times a month.
A purchased sewing caddy.

Embellished with wool applique. All the pieces of felt were garments machine felted by me. The brighter colours are also from my dye pot.

I do love this time of year. Hope you are all enjoying your preparations for Christmas.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

I hadn't heard of that term Terry...gorgeous roses I bet they smell good too!

Nat Palaskas said...

I got that book fro Gwen, but haven't made anything from it yet - Have a good day - Hugs Nat

Rachaeldaisy said...

A sink full of roses, what a lovely thing to come home too. Those purple ones might be Blue Moon roses, they have a lemony rose scent. The twos book you've shared show the 2 highlights of my quilting in 2013, the class with Gwen and the V&A exhibition. That appliqué is so lovely!! What a lovely gift!