Thursday, May 7, 2015

Busy week.

I finished the binding

on Friday. This quilt has been an on again off again project for over a decade and the emminemt arrival of our newest grandson required it's completion.


The quilt was always going to be blue so the early arrival of Archer Cannon Santos completed the story of this quilt.

My DD#2 has always liked feed sack style prints. This American Beauty block has some real feed sacks, some reproductions with the additions of the scraps of her dresses and my dresses. Archer's quilt will really be representitave of the utility quilts.

I got to see him on Sunday morning. Lots of grandmother emotions ( smiles tears ect.)

Monday at 6am I checked into the same hospital for a total left hip replacement. Monday and Tuesday are blurry. Yesterday was walking with a frame and a wheelchair ride to catch up with my daughter now that both of us are through the spinal block drowsiness.  Oh and I did just happen to see Archer. 

Lovely Mother's Day flowers from Awen and Cadel while they came to meet thier new cousin.  They approved having more family.  

I graduated to crutches this morning. A good sign.

The next few weeks are about getting stronger and healing. I pulled out an old hexie project to work on.

Find something to smile about today.      



Rachaeldaisy said...

I was thinking of you on Monday, hoping all went well. It's great your already graduated to crutches! Congratulations to all on the arrival of Archer. That is such a wonderful name!! You've made such a wonderful quilt to welcome him.

Nat Palaskas said...

Hey Terry, Congratulations and get well soon! Nice quilt for lovely new arrival of the Grandson. Take good care of your self - Hugs Nat

Vireya said...

Congratulations on the new grandson!
Hope you are healing well. I'm a bit behind with my blog reading.