Wednesday, May 27, 2015

old quilt project

Brings new knowledge.

I am using this patchwork bag I made years ago to carry my ice packs back to the freezer.. I'm still on crutches so no free hands.   I digress the fabrics are all sewing related novelties  and I saw an image I'd never known anything about until  recently.

One little 2" square with a hand crank vintage chain stitch sewing machine. Wilcox & Gibbs is the manufacturer I have seen most often refered to since I started following Bonnie Hunter.

I never knew they existed and to suddenly be distracted by an unexpected image was a delight.

Hexigons are growing slowly.

Aburgandy one completed and another burgandy flower getting it's neutral edge.

Almost time for gym. My recovery is slower this time but there is daily progress and the pool in the afternoon. The pool is so relaxing and an easier way to do the exercises.

More hexies tonight.

Enjoy the colours around you. Smile just cause. Terry


Ulla said...

Lovely hexagons, I'm almost tempted to begin a new (small) quilt. I noticed slower recovery with my shoulder, eight years at this age seem to have made me much older. I wish you happy recovery and much joy of your new grandson.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I've never heard of that machine either. Fabric is a great teacher :) The pool sounds like a lovely place for exercises, it's good to hear progress is being made, with you and your hexies.

Nat Palaskas said...

I've got the same bag made for me by Barbie in Bathurst. She used Japanese fabric, naturally! Glad you are improving!