Sunday, May 22, 2016

Granddaughter Knows Best

A stop at the stationary shop with my teenage Granddaughter included this bag for me.  She insisted I needed it and plunked it on the counter.

The sales clerk gave her a quizzical look then glanced at me. I shrugged ever so slightly and nodded. Who was I to say no to a small purchase that included me in her adventure.

Little did I know how right she was.

My little hexie project has become a close companion recently. Primarily as a traveling companion in the Random Crap bag. Sometimes as a busy bag with a small easy project to work on while riding the train to town. It takes about 45min. To get to Sydney.

More often it has kept both hands and mind settled in numerous waiting rooms. Just catching up on missed routine check ups. Last year's hip incidents complicated life.
I am almost caught up just mamagram and it'booked!!!

Meanwhile this "little "project has grown into a wonderful journey. Easy stitching both by hand and machine. But more importantly the thoughts that accompany the process .

I see so many possibilities for these little blocks. There is no deadline for decisions so for the time being I enjoying the journey.

Enjoy whaterver your working on.

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