Sunday, June 12, 2016

Better Late

Better late than never.  An old adage which I think is a way of excusing one self for not being on time.
That's me with this post


The hexies for May

I did finish them all of them in May but wasn't good at posting them on time.
I have a good reason really truly I do. I'm not sure you believe me  so here is photographic evidence..

Some quilt class homework.

My sewing buddy. A 1928 22k Lotus all set up in the livingroom so I can stitch while watching  football.  Rugby League, Rugby Union,  and AFL (Aussie Rules).
Yes we have 3 different codes.

The cabinet is beautiful and all the detail is complete. I cleaned it up and polished the table. DH taught me how to use the wire brush fitting on the power drill to make cleaning up the irons easier. He then painted them for me. A full service and the only part that needed replacing was the spring that lifts the bobbin case and a new belt.

Working on strips to re learn how to treadle. 

Sunday footie is on and dinner is in the oven so I'm going to get some treadeling in.

Queen's Birthday so a 3 day weekend.  Plan on extra stitching time.

Enjoy whatever you do this week.  


Judy said...

I love reading about someone restoring something and your sewing machine just glows! I hope you're having a great weekend of stitching.

Ulla said...

What a beauty your new machine! I never learned to treadle properly when we made an apron at school when we were 10. My mother had an electric machine by then. Your sewing and football combination sounds like fun, and the machine is not too loud for it.
The hexies on string blocks look great.

Vireya said...

Beautiful machine! Your quilt class homework looks great.

Rachaeldaisy said...

How fabulous to see your treadle sewing machine looking so shiny and ready for action. I loved sewing on the one my mum had, working the treadle somehow seemed soothing. I love both of your projects. The stitching on the edges of your hexies outline them beautifully and such a great mix of fabrics in your class quilt.