Sunday, May 9, 2010

Silver, Snow and Saturday Klosjes

The summit of Mt Rose has some snow cover all year round. You could see it from my mother's kitchen window.

Wild West

Virginia City is a silver mining town of the late 1800's now turned tourist town with original shop fronts intact.

No not an allusion the wooden sidewalk does undulate.

DB and SinL enjoying the sights.

DB and I soaking up some sun.
Here I am standing on the summit of Mt Rose. The pole indicates the snow depth up to 18'.

Stately pondersoa pines in the background.

Saturday Klosjes
I managed 6 this week and they have a bit more depth of color thanks to finding a couple more charm packs.
Happy Mother's Day to you all dear friends. Terry


Notjustnat said...

Hey sweet heart, good to see you enjoying the snow with DB and SIL.
Still have time for those Klosjes, good on you. I will see you back here soon - Hugs Nat

Kaite said...

thanks for the tour of Virginia City, love the snow - but why is it called Mt Rose?
Klosjes looking good, and Happy Mum's Day to you too Ter...k.

Sue-Anne said...

Love that timber sidewalk! If you were drunk, you could probably walk straight?

Love your klosjes and the tour of Virginia City.

ria vogelzang said...

Dear Terry,
Enjoy your time with your DB and SiL.
Your pictures look beautiful and your klosjes too!
Enjoy your Mothersday as well!

Joan said...

Look as though you are having fun - it does look cold though. We have our fire going tonight.

Spinning Out of Control said...

Virginia City looks like fun :)

Sandra Henderson said...

I'm so glad to see that you had a FUN trip! I know you enjoyed every minute of it! :)
However, there's no place like home and your own bed... :)

Valentina said...

Oh, how I enjoyed these pictures, Terry!
Thank you so much for sharing, and also it makes my heart sing to now be able to 'see' you!
Valentina who's happy you are back home...