Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stash, Scraps and Klosjes

Saturday Klosjes
I have 19 klosjes but it has taken me 3 weeks and a lot of waiting time to have this many to post. My total is 39....maybe more now that I'm home. I do like stitching these 2" darlings.The remainder of last week was spent on a mission to cull the scraps. Anything I could use for strings went to completing these finale 6 blocks of QAYG quilt.
The remainder of the scraps found themselves in 3 piles.
Charm Squares for a future hexagon quilt
Strips 1 1/2"x6" for fence rail quilt
The remaining scraps went out the door.

It was good to use and then throw out bits too small for anything. I have more space (well a little).

And feeling virtuous I cooked a chicken dinner for DH DD and her BF. It is nice to have family drop in. They are all laughing at T.V. I'm off to join in.
Have a good week.

Happy Stitching Terry


Miss 376 said...

Sounds like the jet lag has lifted, enjoy your sewing

Notjustnat said...

Hey Terry, I have a few of this string blocks too. You reminded me of them. I need something for machine sewing project. Your klosjes are coming a long lovely. I must get back to it again - Hugs Nat

Kaite said...

the klosjes look good, would you like to show us how you make them sometime, pretty please...
the 6 final qayg blocks are very bright and happy, where are they for? we must catch up sometime choose...k.

ria vogelzang said...

Hi Terry,
Your klosjes look beautiful! Lovely fabrics!
And those string-blocks....... I just love scraps to be used that way...!!
I think I really have to try it sometime soon....;))
Have fun! Love, Ria.

katrien said...

Lovely klosjes.

Sue-Anne said...

Beautiful Klosjes and I love your string blocks! Glad to hear you have more room now so you can go buy some more fabric!

Joan said...

Well - you must really be feeling you are home now :) Enjoy your family - looks like you have been busy too.

Valentina said...

Wonderful Klosjes!
such beauties, all of them.
:) and your string blocks look fantastic, really...
I can see you are back enjoying your stitching at home!
makes me glad,