Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Roses for Afternoon Tea

Roses Roses and more.

The quirky tea cosie was instigated by Nat.

She knitted a couple for friends using recycled wool. My version uses leftovers from DD's knitting. The roses and leaves are knitted from spinning and dying experiments. The samples from early spinning are borderlester. A strong wool easily spun. It has a luster that dyes well.

Recent spinning was merino tops finer spun and softer result.Tweed leaves were an experiment in solar dying. I spun the wool after dying the tops so variations of color blended . I like the incidental accidents.

The pink roses were dye with conchonel .

Very deep purple was logwood.

Knitting this quirky tea cosie was just pure fun.

I didn't need it. We're coffee drinkers.

It gave me a bit of a challenge and I enjoyed the sculptural qualities of the project.

Thanks Nat for posting yours.

Dear Friends enjoy your week and all your endevors. Terry


kaite said...

beautiful knitted roses and some lovely dyeing results. a nice way to show them off. can you hear me yet? cheers, kaite

Notjustnat said...

You are welcome. It's great that I can influence you from afar. I love your tea cosie, very quirky and sculptural. I will put mine in an exhibition in Nov. Hugs Nat

Miss 376 said...

This is gorgeous, a great way to show off your dyeing and spinning. It's a great piece to look at, even if you never use it

ria vogelzang said...

Terry! What a lovely teapot cosie!!!
It sure is a beauty!
Thanks also for your lovely whishess. I'm glad to be back with you all! ;))
Love, Ria.

Sue-Anne said...

Love Love Love the tea cozy!

Valentina said...

Terry, how cute! And I suspect I have the blue version of your enamel teapot! :)