Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let the Show Begin and Short Blog Holiday

A view of the N.S.W. Quilters Guild Show. There were a couple more rows underneath me but I didn't want to risk a dive over the balcony. It was an excellent show The year of Dear Jane quilts and an on going love of Japanese prints.
I met up with Rachel and we had a lovely get to know each other in person. So much fun when you meet a blogger buddy.

This incredible quilt is a tribute to Margaret Preston. Margret was an early 20Th C Australian


The quilt is amazing. I took the photo before the prizes were awarded but it took out 4 I think including Best of Show and Hangers Award

The Gang Gang won 1St place Art Quilts.

I took the photos early and even then had to struggle with enthusiastic admires.

Subsequently I missed the names of the Quilters. Apologies

Shopping ?

The show was excellent so glad I went. I will be having a week holiday in Vanuatu while D.H. and I enjoy our Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

All of you do something for your self and something for a loved one over the next few days.

Hug to all Terry


Notjustnat said...

It looks like a great show. I hope they will being it to Melbourne later. Congratulations on Ruby anniversary and have a great holiday in Vanuatu - Hugs Nat

Rachaeldaisy said...

It was so wonderful to meet you Terry!! Wasn't it a fun show!! I just wished there was more time on the day to see more! Have a wonderful, warm sunny holiday in Vanuatu!!

kaiteM said...

Have a wonderful warm up in Van.

Vireya said...

Happy anniversary! Thanks for the glimpse of the show.