Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Passing Comment

 A casual comment among like minded women went something like this
 " it would be nice to have a quilt made for when you need one"

A rummage in the STASH SHOP found:

stripe from a pair of pedal pushers made in the 80's by one DD for the other DD
lower left a skirt that never got a zipper  sometime in the last decade
upper left op shop yardage
upper right leftover yardage from a finished quilt

Drum roll !!!

quilt top measuring 56"sq.

more stash shopping and a pieced back
the only purchase was the spots for edges and binding.

I even have a pieced batting ready to go  AND I learned a new technique while making this bright fun top.
not sure what the technique is called but you only sew part of the seam to start and finish stitching it when the finale part of the block is inserted.

While taking photos I caught some circles lurking among the the flowers

Wall Flowers


 wall covering  you could hardly call this silk embroidery wall p----.
in Marie Antoinette's room.

not quite homey enough for me to be comfortable.

It's been a busy week and I am now going to spend the morning stitching.  Hope you all have a good day    Terry


kaiteM said...

have a lovely morning stitching. i could sleep very peacefully under that silk Marie Ant bedhead, no problem at all.
Like your new quilt top, a novel idea.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow love that quilt top...and the story it tells...and circles in the garden, what fun!!! Happy Stitching...

Notjustnat said...

Good job Terry, amazing what you can do with leftover stash. I can't wait until I am from this employment and dig in to my overflowing stash! love the circle blocks - hugs Nat

Miss 376 said...

love those circle blocks. Enjoy your sewing

Ulla said...

That quilt shows how great finds one can make at home. Well done! The curved blocks look so beautiful in your sunny garden.

Rachaeldaisy said...

What an effective quilt top!! They look like big flowers!! I love your circle blocks. Do you hand stitch those? Lovely photos in your garden. Talking of gardens, as much as I loved Marie Antionettes beautiful bedroom I was blown away by the gardens at Versailles, I wanted to hide in the bushes and stay forever.

Valentina said...

Love it! ALL!
The circles are looking great! and your quilt is Fab!
Loved spending time with you today, my friend!

Nanette said...

Thanks for visiting my new blog Terry and commenting. Next time I go to Tyalgum for coffee I'll do a post just for you so you can see how much it's changed..

I love your pink quilt, isn't it such a satisfying feeling when you make something from your stash. Your 'lurking' flowers are fun.