Monday, February 11, 2013

Fabric Finds

While shopping the stash for more fabric to add to the Scrappy Trip  I came across

 2 dresses

The purple dress on the left was made by my daughter Amanda  not sure why it wasn't finished.  BUT    the dress and left over fabric found their way to me.

Same story for the dress on the right except the maker was my mother-in-law Donna Patterson. I remember this dress.  She was making it for my sister-in-law the summer I was married 1971.
Looking at the dress I'd guess the shaped seam under the bust line is where it stopped.  I seem to remember this traveling to Australia in her suitcase on a visit. Why? because you don't waste any good cotton that could go into a quilt or..........

 I really like the way the two dresses work together I'm sure there's a quilt . Just not sure what yet.
Any ideas?

A variation on  All My Dresses ?    Made for Amanda from dressmaking scraps.

Christmas morning 2005

Working out what garment the fabric in the 9 patches came from. The orange flowers and green leaves fabric in the half square triangles are definitely from her dresses.

All quilts have a story. Tell me a story about one of your quilts.
Have a happy week  Terry


kaiteM said...

Those dress fabrics are lovely up close but definately quilt fabric, bit too fussy for dresses now.
My latest quilt has some shirt fabrics in it, they're from Vinnies so i don't know their history but i included them as i want the quilt to go to an older man up in Bundaberg. He might feel comfie with a bit of shirt fabric.

Brenda said...

this is why we keep stuff -- so we can find it decades later and make beautiful quilts from it. I think that 70s fabric would be great for borders or for large sashing strips in a strippy quilt. I'll be watching to see how it turns out.

Jane Galley said...

It makes them so interesting when they tell a story like that

ria vogelzang said...

So great to have fabric from familymembers in a quilt! It gives it a special feeling!
Love your beautiful dresses. They sure go good together! There is certainly a beautiful quilt in them!!!
And I love those gorgeous star-quilt!
Now you made me curious where those dresses will go into.....?! :)
Love, Ria.

Nat Palaskas said...

Like a true quilter you are Terry! Love that ninepatch quilt. The dresses would go well in your "Trip" quilt - Enjoy

Rachaeldaisy said...

I think its so brilliant that you go "shopping in your stash". You found some treasures in those dresses. They look fabulous together too! It's lovely to see your daughter with the dresses quilt, picking out familiar fabrics would be fun.