Monday, February 25, 2013

Scrappy traveling back in time

Worked on the STAW this week

6 more blocks added and I'm liking it more.

As I worked along remembering fabrics from long long ago....... this one caught my eye

Red with yellow flowers. I mused and suddenly,  walking down the hall,  past the spare room

I caught a glimpse of:

  The same fabric in a similar quilt. What ? When??? set me thinking.

The repeated red squares are on the bottom corner of this quilt. I saw it from the corner of my eye in passing. I'm paying a bit more attention to this scrap happy bargelo these days.

WHY?     analyzing how the combinations of colors play together

                the quilt is not all my own work so I'm looking at color combinations of other quilters.
                a small group of quilters met on Monday evening to share  : their lives and stitch along the way.
                the units of 6 strips were stitched and placed in a laundry basket on Mondays. You 
                got to lucky dip for the number you put in. Sharing was always a highlight. Everyone 
                choose different combinations of colors.

WHEN?  the quilt is not labeled   something I must correct  it took me a while to remember
                when I made this one. I do know 10 years ago Yup a whole decade. Does the when matter?
                 I think it does . I'm still using the same fabric now. It wasn't new then. How difficult
                 to save it's story and date without a label?  What century is it from?

I don't know if anyone will ever wonder about the stories of my quilts but I sure wonder about other 
quilts I see.  Don't you ? 

Do you have  quilt you wonder about?  Tell me I'm interested.





Nat Palaskas said...

That quilt could be an identical to the one you are working on now accepted the setting. I wandered about quilts and their makers all the time. I always label my quilts so I know where and when I make them - I love the "Trip" quilt, it's fun - Hugs Nat

kaiteM said...

Funny, i label the give-aways but not my own, naughty, i should fix that. Your trip around the world quilt blocks are looking good, i'll have to start another one soon now that Mum's quilt is hanging.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Terry I think people do wonder...I have only made a few quilts but all with labels!

ria vogelzang said...

Such a gorgeous trip around the world!!!
And, yes, I also always wonder about quilts! I try to give my quilts a label; don't always succeed.....
But I also use fabric I know I used in a few other quilts.... Just makes me smile.... ; my taste in fabric doesn't change that much.... :)
Love, Ria.

Sue-Anne said...

It is fun to look at the quilts you make and remember where or when you bought a special fabric. I try to label all my quilts but sometimes they slip through without one.

Helen said...

I wonder where all my Florida quilter friends are now. They made me a signature quilt many years ago, and I sadly have not kept in touch since. Lesson: quilting is more than just quilts!

Loree Jackson said...