Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finish Before You Start

Oh!  How many times have I heard those words in my life? Do you hear them too? or do you say them to others? 

I'm sure as quilters we think them at least. Something in me always wants completed quilts but.... the temptation to just TRY something new a block, or a color,  or a the need to just stitch.   Means I am not a one at a time disciplined quilter.  I don't know any quilter that doesn't have at least a couple quilts on the go and maybe at least one on the " Back Burner"

Having said all of that I do have a ....insert.... drum roll  FINISH

Tick this one off the list. I always wanted to try free pieced letters  and I have ! Color placement was also a challenge because it was a stash shop. I stippled around the letters and ditch stitched the rows. It's stable but soft and cuddly too.

Posted today to the HMAS Towoomba.

My reward   HaHaHa
 who am I kidding?

  Remember the rolls of fabric from the last post?  The first 4 blocks of a scrappy trip around the world. I just couldn't say no. I'm thinking my version will be a bit subdued   after all it is a stash shop and MY stash is vintage          OR   just old

What Ever  

Happy week to all Terry


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Love it all Peg...I just can't help but having lots on the go ha ha!

Nat Palaskas said...

I'm with you to with Not a one quilt/project at the time person! Great 'gone finshing' quilt. Who is this one for? I love piecing letter (I have that to finished yet)
'Trip' blocks are gorgeous. Old fabric, I have lots too. Enjoy and have a good day Terry - Hugs Nat

Jane Galley said...

great finish, that clears space for another project

Rachaeldaisy said...

A variety of projects is part of the fun... I love your Gone Fishing quilt, I just know it will be loved by the recipient!! Your scrappy trip is wonderful, there's so much movement in the pattern it'll suit it to be a bit more subdued.

ria vogelzang said...

Dear Terry, I so understand you... :))
It's so tempting to just try a little block of this; or just ad another daring colour to that....
And I really know that there are more then 10 project on my UFO-list..
Well, this year I want to finish some of those UFO's!
(But I do know, already, that I start a new project in september this year.... hahahaha....)
I love your "Gone Fishing"! You did a really good job!
Love the letters!!
And love you too!!!!!!!
Hugs, Ria.

kaiteM said...

Happy weekend to you, good to see you're keeping yourself amused.

kaiteM said...

I had another look at that quilt around the world tut and i might have a go, not too difficult.

Daniëlle said...

I stopped counting!! Finish before you start .... HELLOOOOO ... who am I kidding!! Not enough back-burners in the house! Love the expression btw! Someone once told me: all that fabric, it keeps your house isolated during winter!!! So ... keep it warm!! Hugs, Daniëlle and thanks for your kind words!! XXXD