Thursday, August 4, 2016

Quilting in the Wild West

During a recent visit with my brother Matt and SinL Debbie  I was treated to trips to the two local quilt shops.  More later.

First let me tell you they live in the real west  cowboy country.  Wyoming has the lowest population  per size of any state in the U.S. A lot of Wyoming's land mass is national parks which includes The Grand Teton range and Yellowstone.

They live 3 hrs from Yellowstone but the view from their family room is amazing.

The light and time of day provided an evey changing view of the Rockies.  The view and tranquility were wonderful . A great place to chill with much loved family.

Back to the quilt shops. The valley my brother liv=s in is Thayne  the small village has a grocery store ,post office ( boxes only no delivery)  , they currently have a pharmacy and a New Version of a General Store.

I didn't get a shot of the outside but here is the inside.

There quilting section is to the left in the photo and just as you enter the large "Gereral Store".  The rocking chair and BBQ were a small sample of the diversity of merchandice on offer ...... including tools and gardening supplies.

From a quilters point of view great stop for everyone including husbands! I wonder who'd finish shopping first?

The town of Afton also near by boasts the largest elk horn arch. Yes it is made of real elk horns. The bucks shed them in the spring each year and have become a local icon.

View of the Quilt shop window this time I forgot to take a shot of the inside. The Quilt Shop was as expected ......UNTIL. you got to the last 10 feet.  Can you guess? No ? It was also the local Party Store spots, stripes and baloons. .

No shop space was wasted in the "Wild West "

After all this was Radiator Springs.

If it had wheels and a motor Courtesy Ford  sells it.     Radiator Springs is the town featured in Disney's movie Cars. Check with all boys under12.

There was fabric shopping

The neutral with the pine trees and the text that says love you are both from the WILD WEST.

The rest of the fabrics were from the vist with my youngest brother Dan .

On the sewing front onlt 15 hexies for June and July

Dinner Bell just rang so until next time.


Vireya said...

What a fantastic view from the family room!

That arch in Afton is amazing. I've seen the small ones in Jackson (which I thought were large until now) but missed that one somehow.

Enjoy your travels!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh how fantastic Terry...I love The Wild West....amazing view!!!! All very beautiful!

Ulla said...

In a place like that one will learn to love the peace and quiet. How nice that they had quilting supplies in a general store - here you can hardly find them in a fabric shop.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Oh my goodness, It's really cowboy country, just like the movies. Such beautiful scenery. I have to ask, do your family ride around on their property on horses. It's fun to see the fabric shops. It's very practical to have bbqs, or party supplies. Your brother did well choosing fabrics for you. That elk horn bridge is amazing - almost unbelievable. It's good to know they shed their horns, I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing glimpses into other parts of the world.