Sunday, July 25, 2010

Klosjes on Saturday

It's still Saturday somewhere. I'm sure ?

Here are 5 klosjes for the week. I took these already prepped across the Pacific . Ah silly me.

I'm home and sewing klosjes.

A shoe box of embroidery threads . One of the girls at Quilt Camp picked them up for $2 at a garage sale.

Free to a good home.

The good home was mine. I am slowly rewinding and tidying them up. I will up date when finished.

Friday was a trip to the Blue Mountains for lunch and a massive show and tell with dear friend Kaite at Yarngarden. Scoot over for a look at my finished string quilt and Kaite's dragon.

The other news here is a pleasant change in family organisation. I am going to be full time Grama 2 days and 2 nights a week from now till Christmas. My dear GS Cadel is having a partial break from child care before starting school full time in the new year.

Watch this space for more Adventures of Grama and Cadel.

Dear Friends Have a great week. I'll check in if possiable



Miss 376 said...

Enjoy your time with your grandson, it will be a special time.
Looks like you'll be having fun going through that box of threads

Notjustnat said...

Hey Grandma, good on you to give a hand to look after Cadel. He is a lucky boy. Nice waste not want not shoe box full of embroidery threads. You will make good use of them - Enjoy your week - Hugs Nat

Valentina said...

Terry, what a blessing to have the chance to be a hands on grandma! A lot of work and big responsibility, for sure, but imagine the memories Cadel will have of these times with grandma... :)
and those Klosjes are dreamy!
Have a lovely start to your week!

Kaite said...

your klosjes are so sweet, i explained them to Mum and she wants to start making some. we had a lovely day and you've had lots of compliments on your quilt over at my place, cheers, kaite

Sandra Henderson said...

I know you enjoy your grandchildren very much! I sure wish I could be closer to help with mine...
What a great gift! :)
and I love your spools. XO

Sue-Anne said...

What a wonderful bargain with those threads! Have fun with Cadel, I bet you will sleep well those two nights each week after playing all day.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow what a bargain Terry!!! Grama and Cadel...I like it, lots of fun!!! Dzintra♥x

Karen said...

The klosjes are looking good!