Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Flower and a Parcel in the Post

Wednesday brings a full bloom and lots of petals. Lots of petals and flowers yet to do. A good job for sitting in the garden if it ever warms up.
Soon I'll be winging about the heat.
This Christmas cactus always blooms in June for our Anniversary. DH calls it the anniversary cactus and this year he brought it inside during a few days of frost. Sydney doesn't get frost every year.
Nice he saved it for me to share.
A parcel in the post from Sandra at The Cumberland Island Quilt Chick
All these cool bits of fabric and card in one envelope. Sandra is enamored with toile so some here. Hot pink willow. what to do with that.
EUREKA A recent self treat from Material Obsession
The quilt The Burbs is a very quirky variation on house blocks and girls. I am going to make a couple blocks from Sandra's gift to start the quilt.
I wasn't sure about publishing a picture of the quilt so haven't. However if you google The Burbs Material Obsession some book sellers have photos on the web.
I'll up date when I actually do something more than plan.

Enjoy your stitching and the day Terry


Miss 376 said...

What lovely fabrics to start off your quilt. Enjoy using them

Notjustnat said...

We need some flowers to brighten up our days. Happy Anniversary. Ours is also in July. Parcel is great received one today as well. It came from TP you know who - thanks TP will write soon - Hugs Nat

Sandra Henderson said...

Sure was an ecclectic mix! :)
Love your flowers in the basket. Oh how wonderful to have an Anniversary Cactus bloom "for you". It's a great one!
Off to see this book~looks like a wonderful one, sure do love thier site.

Kaite said...

your zygocactus is glorious, ours is outside on the verandah and flowering just a little despite the -5 frosts. You had a cold day there today, not much different to ours. see ya soon, kaite

Valentina said...

Happy Anniversary! What a lovely blooms!
oh packages are the best, especially when they are so full of love! :)
I Love love love that book!

Karen said...

Pretty Cactus and lovely bloom! That looks like a nice book and some wonderful goodies from Sandra.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

I like that Terry...when I do something more than plan!!!
Happy Anniversary to you both...and I love that card...Have a great weekend...Dzintra♥x

Sue-Anne said...

Ha Ha! I am the same with the weather, wishing it was warmer but know I am going to be complaining when summer hits! Beautiful fabrics from Sandra and the Burbs quilt will be perfect for them.