Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer and Street Fairs

Reno is the city of street events during the summer.
The annual jazz festival involved music and lots and lots of boutique brews.
We went for a couple hours and escape.
Larissa ,Bunny, Dan and Nicko
The family. Larissa is Nick,s wife Bunny is Dan's

All the girls.

A Thursday evening event all summer. Sparks and Reno have developed into continuous town over the years but retain the original names

Nick bought some of these for Larissa and strawberries.
She was working a double shift all week for EOY

People in the sun. The teenagers come out to the market. Something to do and when legal drinking age is 21 I guess parents feel more comfortable letting their teens attend.
I'm back and stitching Happy Stitching to All


Notjustnat said...

Hi Terry, I'm glad you took time out to smell the roses (flowers). Hope everything went well with the service. I was just thinking of you yesterday. Please write?

ria vogelzang said...

You were also in mu thoughts.... Hope everything is allright.
It's great to see you and your family in the pictures!
Enjoy eachothers company and support!
Love, Ria.

Spinning Out of Control said...

BBQ, Brews and three favorite B's :)

Kaite said...

the pics look happy, i hope you're settling back down again. catch up when you can...k.

Sue-Anne said...

I'm pleased you got to have some "time out" whilst back in the States. Those flowers are beautiful!