Friday, July 9, 2010

Old to New

One of these things is not like the other.

Can you tell which one?

4 pot holders woven on a standard pot holder loom.

You guessed!

The potholder on the bottom left was woven by one of my two daughters and is in daily use.

The other 3 potholders were made by my GD Awen. A great project for school holidays.

Visiting Grama and showing me what she had made so far.

Great weaving Awen!

Warping up with weaving chart to her left.

Awen finished weaving this potholder as we sat together working on our craft .
I remember making these as a child and teaching my children as well.

Nice to know my DD is passing on the traditions.

The potholder looms at my house.

Top left Awen's new RED plastic one the easiest to use.

Top right mine 55 years old the teeth are too close so I used to put the loops on every other spike.
Bottom row the DD's looms approx 30yrs old.

Three generations of craft tools for 3 generations of crafters.

Loud Clapping and Cheering


A multi colored woven chicken!

Chicken sandwich

Big Bite

Don't eat the yellow tail feathers.
Chicken Sandwich story by Awen photos by Grama
All other photos by Awen
We had a wonderful Time. Happy Stitching Terry


Kaite said...

burp!! hugz to Awen, kaite

Spinning Out of Control said...

Thought you might be interested in this vid. if you haven't already seen it:

It's fun and you can use two color yarns at once.

Notjustnat said...

I like them and now a question. Where can I get one of those loom? I want to have one handy for Isabella! Good job Awen - Hugs Nat

Sandra Henderson said...

Hi Terry! I've been thinking about you....
What a fun project! I remember making these for EVERYONE when I was their age. What fun!!!!!! Brings back so many memories. So glad you have your little helpers around.
Wonderful looking street market! I've enjoyed catchign up on your blog today. :)

Valentina said...

Great fun! Oh thanks so much for sharing these precious moments with us...
Truly lovely and cheerful potholders!